System 3 SS360 Sand 14" Pkg

Complete Tire/Wheel Package

  • Complete tire and wheel package ready to roll!
  • Your choice of four (4) tires and wheels professionally mounted
  • Matching lug nuts and center caps are included
  • Tires and wheels arrive fully assembled, ready to install on machine
  • Sand packages have been coupled with wide (9" or 10") rear wheels to maximize flotation of paddle tires
  • Wheel offsets are designed to increase the stance width and stability of the machine
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states!
  • Customize your kit below!

System 3 SS360 Sand Tires

28"-30" Tires for 14" Wheels

We are excited to present the new SS360 sand tire from System 3! The innovative tread design is one of the most fun riding tires at the dunes! This all-terrain tire for sand won't cause the vehicle to push in the corners and allows for exceptional maneuverability and handling. The impressive light weight 2 ply casing and low rolling resistance makes for a tire that is easy on drive components!

  • High speed performance and low drag
  • 'All-terrain' type paddle tire that doesn't push in the corners and steers where you want to go
  • 2-ply rating casing with wide footprint creates massive flotation
  • Tread design is the same for the front and rear. SS360 is unrivaled for four wheel drive applications
  • Ultra lightweight tire for less rotating mass
  • Low rolling resistance is easy on crucial drive components including belts and axles
  • Available in 28" and 30" tire sizes to fit 14" diameter wheels
  • Tire Weights
    28x10-14  21.0 lbs / 28x12-14  24.5 lbs
    30x10-14  23.4 lbs / 30x12-14  26.8 lbs

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  • HL9 BDLK 14x7 (5+2) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • M31 Lok2 BDLK 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • M33 Clutch 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • Split 6 Bronze BDLK 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • Split 6 Machine BDLK 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)



Price: $1,534.00

Our complete tire and wheel packages are ready to roll! They include your choice of tires and wheels, professional mounting, lug nuts, and fast free shipping!

Most packages arrive within 5-10 business days.