Maxxis Carnivore 14" Pkg

Complete Tire/Wheel Package

  • Complete tire and wheel package ready to roll!
  • Your choice of four (4) tires and wheels professionally mounted
  • Matching lug nuts and center caps are included
  • Tires and wheels arrive mounted, ready to install on machine
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states!
  • Customize your kit below!

Maxxis Carnivore Tires

The Maxxis Carnivore tire is one mean looking tire capable of handling any extreme terrain. With the legendary Maxxis name, this light truck inspired 8 ply rated tire is engineered for performance and traction over rocks, trails, and desert terrain. The Carnivore has a very flexible casing and softer rubber compound, providing excellent traction and ride quality.

  • Mean and aggressive tread design with square tread profile
  • Specialized rubber compound
  • Light weight keeps rotating mass to a minimum
  • 8 ply rated, race truck inspired tread design
  • Tread Depth 0.88"
  • Tire Weight
       28x10-14   29.7 lbs
       30x10-14   34.8 lbs
       32x10-14   37.7 lbs

Customize Your Tire Wheel Package

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  • HL9 Black BDLK (5+2)
  • M12 Diesel Black (4+3)
  • M20 Kore Black (3.5+3.5)
  • M21 Lok BDLK (3.5+3.5)
  • M31 Lok2 BDLK (3.5+3.5)
  • M33 Clutch Black (4+3)
  • M37 Brute Machine BDLK (4+3)
  • M38 Brute Machine (4+3)
  • M40 Rogue Titanium (4+3)
  • M41 Boxer Black (4+3)
  • Mamba BDLK (14x7 +10mm)
  • Mamba BDLK (14x7 +30mm)
  • Podium Black BDLK (14x7 +10mm)
  • Podium Black BDLK (14x7 +38mm)
  • Podium Gray BDLK (14x7 +10mm)
  • Podium Gray BDLK (14x7 +38mm)
  • Ryno Black BDLK (14x7 +10mm)
  • Ryno GunMetal BDLK (14x7 +10mm)
  • SB4 Black BDLK (4+3)
  • SB4 Black BDLK (6+1)
  • SB4 Bronze BDLK (4+3)
  • SB4 Bronze BDLK (6+1)
  • SB4 Gray BDLK (4+3)
  • SB4 Gray BDLK (6+1)
  • SB5 Black BDLK (5+2)
  • SB5 GunMetal BDLK (5+2)
  • Trophy Black (14x7 +10mm)
  • Trophy Black (14x7 +38mm)
  • Trophy Gray (14x7 +10mm)



Price: $1,654.00

Our complete tire and wheel packages are ready to roll! They include your choice of tires and wheels, professional mounting, lug nuts, and fast free shipping!

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