Pro Armor Sand 14" Pkg

Complete Tire/Wheel Package

  • Complete tire and wheel package ready to roll!
  • Your choice of four (4) tires and wheels professionally mounted
  • Matching lug nuts and center caps are included
  • Tires and wheels arrive fully assembled, ready to install on machine
  • Sand packages have been coupled with wide (9" or 10") rear wheels to maximize flotation of paddle tires
  • Wheel offsets are designed to increase the stance width and stability of the machine
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states!
  • Customize your kit below!

Pro Armor Sand Tires

30" Tires for 14" Wheels

The Pro Armor Sand tires are our most aggressive paddle setup, featuring 16 paddles, each 1-1/8" tall. Pro Armor paddles are great for bottom end hook up and hill climbing ability. The front tires are a smooth style tri-rib design for steering engagement. Due to aggressive nature, tires are recommended for 165+ HP applications!

  • Aggressive straight paddle tire design for bottom-end hook
  • Front tires have tri-rib design for positive steering engagement
  • Rear tires have (16) straight paddles (13" wide x 1-1/8" tall)
  • Tire Weights
    • 30x11-14  22.8 lbs / 30x12-14  35.6 lbs

Customize Your Tire Wheel Package

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**Select Wheel Model**

  • HL9 BDLK 14x7 (5+2) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • M21 Lok BDLK 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • M31 Lok2 BDLK 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • M33 Clutch 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • Split 6 Bronze BDLK 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • Split 6 Machine BDLK 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)
  • SB4 Black BDLK 14x7 (4+3) / 14x10 (5+5)



Price: $1,607.00

Our complete tire and wheel packages are ready to roll! They include your choice of tires and wheels, professional mounting, lug nuts, and fast free shipping!

Most packages arrive within 5-10 business days.