System 3 SB5 Beadlock Ring

System 3 SB-5 Beadlock Rings:

  • Available in 14" or 15" sizes
  • Fits System 3 SB-5 beadlock wheels (16 hole)
  • Sold individually

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    Item #: 14S3RING-300
    Item Name: BLACK SB5 14" Bead Ring
    Status: In Stock
    Price: $58.99
    Item #: 15S3RING-300
    Item Name: BLACK SB5 15" Bead Ring
    Status: In Stock
    Price: $64.99

    The System 3 Beadlock Rings are a great way to make your wheels stand out! A variety of ring colors are available to match most factory OE colors. The rings will work with only System 3 SB5 wheels, 16 hole count.

    Interested in putting color rings with your SB-5 wheels, just add the color rings to your order and they will be mounted to your wheels!