Seizmik Pursuit Side View Mirrors 1 3/4" roll cage
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  • Cast aluminum housing withstands the most extreme punishment
  • Weather-sealed caps keep out debris; color kits available
  • Rubber vibration isolator means a clear image and keeps the mirror from sliding
  • Position tension adjustment bolts
  • Cast aluminum and steel clamp has low-mass design allowing it to work with virtually any windshield
  • Notched Delrin┬« detents allow the mirror to fold in when hit and be returned to its original position in one move
  • Adjustable independent glass stays where you set it, keeping riders focused on the trail and not on their mirror
  • Manufacturer's unlimited lifetime warranty
Price: $170.99


    Seizmik Pursuit Side View Mirrors 

    fits any 1 3/4" roll cage

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