Seizmik Pursuit Night Vision Series Side View Mirrors 1 3/4" Roll cage
Item #: 18086


  • Durable cast aluminum housing is ultra tough and lightweight
  • Breakaway design allows the mirror to bend forward or backward and avoid breakage
  • Notched Delrin® detents allow the mirror to quickly return to original position after being folded
  • Low profile mounting bracket with heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction minimizes interference with attachments
  • 360° swivel provides an infinite range of rotation to ensure proper set position angle
  • Shatter-resistant, independentely adjustable safety glass moves inside housing and stays in place
  • Convex mirror surface provides a super wide
Price: $328.69

    The Seizmik® Pursuit Night Vision Series Side View Mirrors come equipped with white and green Cree LED chips, which provide peripheral illumination to the mid-forward and side ground areas around the UTV. Night Vision mode allows for better visual acuity at lower light levels while the eyes adjust to surrounding darkness quicker. The White Light mode is used for maximum illumination, providing bright lighting around the vehicle when needed.

    * 1 3/4" Roll Cage Only*