Maverick X3 Max 2022 6 Ball Axles


  • Complete axle fully assembled including inboard and outboard joints
  • 4340 chrome-moly steel axle shaft
  • Crack resistant neoprene boots
  • Laminate coating resists rust and corrosion
  • Engineered to provide superior performance
  • Six ball bearing CV joint

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    Item #: AB6-CA-8-329-X3MAX
    Item Name: Maverick X3 Max Turbo 2022 Rear 6 Ball Axle
    Status: In Stock
    Price: $152.99

    All Balls 6 ball axles mirror the oem specifications. These complete axles feature 4340 chromoly steel, crack resistant neoprene boots, and are engineered to provide exceptional performance. All internal parts are precision ground and assembled using high temperature, high load bearing moly grease to ensure maximum internal lubrication.