Brute Force 750 4x4i '05-'23 Uni Air Filter
Item #: NU-2398ST


  • Multi-stage competition off-road air filters
  • Traps dirt and dust in two layers of foam
  • Large pore pre-filter captures the bigger particles
  • Smaller pore inner filter prevents any engine wrecting grit from reaching the cylinder
Price: $50.95


    The Uni Air Filter is two layers of foam that will trap small and large particles like dust and dirt which helps prevent anything from reaching the cylinder. They are manufactured from high performance foam and biodegradable. The Uni Air Filter has a seamless design that allows for a maximum amount of air flow to your machine. It is easy to clean with the Uni Air Filter Cleaning Kit and will help cut the grease and oils down so you are able to reuse indefinitely.

    Uni NU-2398ST