STI X Comp 15" Kit

Complete Tire/Wheel Package

  • Complete tire and wheel package ready to roll!
  • Your choice of four (4) tires and wheels professionally mounted
  • Matching lug nuts and center caps are included
  • Tires and wheels arrive fully assembled, ready to install on machine
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states!
  • Customize your kit below!

STI X Comp Tires

STI X Comp tires push the next level of strength and toughness! They feature a 10-ply rating, heavy duty steel belt plies, and thicker casing. This mean looking tire has an aggressive tread pattern and wrap around multi-angle shoulder tread for handling most all terrains. The DOT approved truck tire inspired tread rides quiet on roads and two stage radial casing absorbs choppy terrain for ride comfort. If you are looking for a tough, yet smooth riding and high mileage tire, check out the STI X Comp.

STI X Comp tires are some of the tougher UTV tires on the market today and will handle the abuse! They run true to size but do weigh more than others due to the extra materials and steel belts. X Comps are very similar to automotive truck tires.

  • Truck tire inspired tread design
  • Industry leading 10-ply rating with dual steel belt plies and thick tire casing
  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Square tread profile and wide foot print
  • Deep rim guard protects wheels
  • DOT approved with superb tire wear and comfort
  • Tread depth 0.63"
  • Tire Weight
       32x10-15   49.0 lbs

Customize Your Kit

**Select Vehicle**

**Select Tire Size**

**Select Wheel Brand**

**Select Wheel Model**

  • A1 Black BDLK (5+2)
  • HD10 Black (5+2)
  • HD4 Black (4+3)
  • HD9 Black BDLK (5+2)
  • HD9 Black BDLK (6+1)
  • HD9 Machine BDLK (5+2)
  • HD9 Machine BDLK (6+1)
  • M21 Lok BDLK (3.5+3.5)
  • M31 Lok2 BDLK (3.5+3.5)
  • M33 Clutch Black (4+3)
  • M41 Boxer Black (4+3)
  • M42 Bounty (4+3)
  • M44 Cannon BDLK (4.5+2.5)
  • Mamba BDLK (3.5+3.5)
  • Podium Black BDLK 15x6 (5+1)
  • Podium Gray BDLK 15x6 (5+1)
  • Ryno Black BDLK (4+3)
  • Ryno GunMetal BDLK (4+3)
  • SB3 Black BDLK (5+2)
  • SB3 Machine BDLK (5+2)
  • SB4 Black BDLK (4+3)
  • SB4 Black BDLK (6+1)
  • SB4 Bronze BDLK (4+3)
  • SB4 Bronze BDLK (6+1)
  • SB4 Gray BDLK (6+1)
  • SB5 Black BDLK (5+2)
  • SB5 GunMetal BDLK (5+2)
  • Trophy Black (4+3)
  • Trophy Black 15x6 (5+1)
  • Trophy Gray (4+3)
  • Trophy Gray 15x6 (5+1)



Price: $1,788.00

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